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Remove Silicone from
Anodized Aluminum

The workmen have left and your new shower stall with its gleaming aluminum trim leaves you extremely satisfied with your choice. But as you finish cleaning up you notice there's a smear of silicone residue left behind on the anodized aliminum.

So how're you going to get it off without ruining that beautiful trim? If you just try to scrape it off it's highly likely you'll damage the surface enough to defeat the purpose of the anodized aluminum which is to prevent corrosion and the build up of mold and mildew. Anyway its impossible to remove all silicone residue without some sort of solvent.

We recommend Re-mov, of course! Re-mov will cause no damage to the surface.

Take a hard to medium-hard plastic scraper and gently create a thin gap between the silicone and the aluminum. Apply a small amount of Re-mov and work it into the gap gently scraping the glue off the metal. Apply more Re-mov as needed. But remember, a little goes a long way.

If you need use Re-mov on a vertical surface it is often easier to apply it to a clean cloth and rub vigourously to remove the residue.

Re-mov will evaporate very quickly leaving a clean residue free surface.

Now clean ups are faster, easier and greener.


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