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Remove Tape from Glass or Acrylic

With Re-mov, taking sticky tape or sticky tape residue off glass or acrylic can be as easy as apply, wait, scrape and wipe.

To begin, apply Re-mov along the edge of the tape. Immediately take a scraper and begin to work it along the edge of the tape allowing the Re-mov to seep under the tape. Apply small amounts of Re-mov as needed. Work the Re-mov between the tape and the glass/acrylic. In a matter of moments you should find the tape lift off quite cleanly. For tape residue simply apply Re-mov, wait and gently scrape or wipe the residue off.

Start saving your valuable time & money!



All of the following types of tape and their residues can be handled with Re-mov:

* duct tape
* masking tape
* scotch tape
* double sided tape
* 3M auto name plate tape
* protective film coverings
* decals, labels and stickers
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