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Media Reviews

Re-mov works on a lot of products and materials!
See list here.

Steve Maxwell - Toronto Star

April 23, 2010

Q: How can I get adhesive off the sides of our concrete verandah? I’ve removed decorative stones that were secured with some kind of glue, and I’ve been able to get some off with hot water and a scraper, but it’s a terrible job that I hope you can save me from.

A: Yes, I can think of a few things worth trying. The first is a product that I’ve had excellent results with on several jobs. It’s called Re-mov and it’s effective for getting rid of all kinds of caulking and adhesives. It doesn’t dissolve these materials, but it breaks the bond they have with underlying surfaces, making it easy to scrape. In your case, since you’re dealing with a porous, concrete surface you may need to use a wire brush after scraping.

Steve Maxwell - Toronto Star
May 30, 2009

Don't be stingy when it comes to calking.

"Removing old calking before applying new used to be my biggest challenge, but not anymore. In fact, I rather like the job. I've discovered something that works astonishingly well, even on silicone.

The product is called Re-mov. It's a clear, virtually odorless liquid that breaks the bond between the caulking and the surface it's stuck to..."

Read it here (pdf).

Jon Eakes - Ask Jon Eakes
December 15th, 2008

Update 2008: "Re-Mov" - Silicone & Adhesive Remover has come out on the market. This is a type of solvent that will dissolve a lot of adhesives and although it does not dissolve Silicone, it does successfully break the bond between the silicon and the substrate. What is great is that it is safe for both fiberglass and vinyl - and most rugs! It will even clean up Polyurethane Adhesives! I've tried it. It works.

Read it on-line:

Download the .pdf : Jon Eakes talks about Re-mov.pdf

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