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What is Re-mov/DSR5?

Re-mov/DSR5 is a specially formuated remover designed to quickly, effectively, and CLEANLY release virtually any adhesive or silicone from any surface. It does NOT melt or otherwise liquify the silicone. No long waiting times and no gooey mess to clean up.

Re-mov/DSR5 does not use corrosive chemicals and contains less than 1% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It will not harm most surfaces and is safer than most of the commonly used solvents regarding skin contact.

Re-mov/DSR5 is more effective than acetone and methyl ethyl keytone, both of which are extremely flammable, toxic and hazardous to the environment.

Works effectively on any of the following:

* polyurethane adhesives & caulking (uncured or cured)
fire barrier sealant

* gaskets, waterproofing, lubricants & protective coatings

* glue residue from most types of adhesive, tapes, labels, stickers

* decals from equipment to books and binders

* safely removes silicone, polyurethane and adhesives from your hands, tools and equipment

* tape, Double-sided tape, carpet adhesives and tape residue from floors or anywhere else

* Blue Max® and other protective films

adhesives and chewing gum from carpets, upholstery, clothing or hair

* silicone residue from glass and Plexiglas (cured or uncured)

* paper or plastic protective coating from Lexan® sheets

* polyurethane Expanding Foams

* contact adhesives

* Liquid Nails®

* insulation foam

* water-proofing materials

* ski wax, candle wax

* grease, tar, tree sap

* Vulkem®,
* Sonneborn® NP-1,
* 3M's® 5200 Marine adhesive sealant,
* Sikaflex® 292, 255, 241, uncured or cured

Contact Adhesives:
* Pionite®,
* P-98-T Contact Adhesive,
* 3M's® Super77,
* Dap® Weldwood and most others

* 3M®Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB,
* 3M® Fire Barrier Sealant IC 15WB
* Liquid Nails®,
* Dap Weldwood®,
* OSI RT600®Roof tile adhesive

* GE®,
* Dow Corning® 941, 940,
* DAP®,
* 3M®,
* Sherwin Williams®


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